The International Research and International Relations Division has the task of promoting the internationalization process implemented at the University of Rome Tor Vergata during the last years.

The University collaborates with many foreign Universities, International Institutes and Research Centers as well as with Italian diplomatic offices abroad and foreign diplomatic offices in Italy. This commitment aims at developing activities of scientific cooperation that are meant to be transformed into joint research and teaching activities, in order to encourage academics, students and administrative staff exchanges. These collaborations are made effective through “framework”, “area” or “dual / joint degree” cooperation agreements.

Tor Vergata has more than 300 agreements with various organizations around the world. They are usually a result of proposals from professors involved in scientific activities with foreign colleagues, which evolve from interpersonal relationships to institutional relations, but they can also be initiated through input of the Office. The geographic areas involved are South America, Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries.

Bilateral Agreements have been set up in order to create Dual Degrees with some European universities, such as the Gotheborg and Wildau Universities in the areas of Economics and Engineering. Other dual degrees are being created with Spanish, Chinese and Eastern European universities.

The International Division manages both professor and students mobility programs. In relation to the mobility of professors, the Office has drawn up new Regulations for Visiting Professors, which include important changes resulting from the analysis of best practices in the academic world. Moreover, each year the International Division handles the Visiting Professors call for proposals and the related administrative duties (interaction with the collegial bodies, selection board and management for the entry and stay of the international professors).

Regarding student mobility, the Office manages the “overseas” mobility program,  and other funds for “thesis writing abroad” for both outgoing and incoming students, in direct collaboration with the partner universities.

Under an annually renewed agreement, the International Division manages the procedures for grants for foreign students, awarded by MAECI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation). Furthermore, the University is a partner of the “Invest Your Talent” program since its first edition.

In addition to the student mobility programs run directly by the Office, there are other mobility programs, such as “Ciência sem Fronteiras”, “Ibrasil”, “Bemundus”, “Techno”, “Astromundus”, offered by the International Division.

The Office represents Tor Vergata University in International Networks and plays an active role in intercepting new opportunities for cooperation and launching new ideas on themes of common interest. The networking practices with other partners help to solve common problems, identifying best practices to be adopted.

The International Division has a soft diplomacy role, aimed at supporting, organizing and completing the delegations called to represent the interests of the University abroad. The Office also takes part in meetings and initiatives organized by International Networks, Partner Universities, Italian Diplomatic Offices abroad and Foreign Diplomatic Offices in Italy.

We also welcome International delegations at Tor Vergata and take care of all the related communications and organizational aspects.

The International Division participates to events aimed at the international promotion of scientific and didactic activities, including the foreign industrial sector. One of these projects is the “Education Expo”; meetings and events focused on students interested in attending training courses abroad. For the promotion of high-level training programs, the Office is in charge of the dissemination of information brochures with both general and specific content and electronic material (websites, portals, emails, etc.).

The Office also supports the participation and affiliation of the University to recognized international research groups and networks, in order to increase the exchange and recruitment of International students and PhD candidates. The University has implemented several joint research initiatives in 2015:”Young European Research Universities” (YERUN) and the “Venice International University” (VIU). Main objectives of the networks are mostly academic exchanges, mobility agreements, benchmarking, best practices and research projects.

As part of the Internationalization process, international research and innovation are strategic priorities for our University. The areas of research cover both technical-scientific and medical areas, and legal-economic and humanistic-literary ones.

The excellence of our University is confirmed by the success of its researchers. Actually, funding granted under international research and innovation programs has increased, in particular under the European Horizon 2020 program.

International research funding allocated to Tor Vergata keeps increasing in quantitative and qualitative terms. In the last five years, funds from the European Union have increased by 121%.

For example, under the H2020 program, 17 research projects were funded in 2015, which is the double compared to the previous year.

Worth mentioning is the success of the basic research, confirmed by 18 research projects funded by the European Research Council; the Horizon 2020 excellence program.

The participation of the University in strategic networks of scientific collaboration, such as the one dedicated to Graphene, or to research infrastructures and technology platforms is also evidence of the Internationalization of research.