Visiting professor guideline

Knowledge sharing



BEFORE COMING TO ITALY (EU and EXTRA EU VISITING) documents nedeed for the hosting Department (List of Departments):

  • PASSPORT (or other valid identity documentation for EU citizens)

It is an unambiguous, uniform registration system to identify a specific person in Italy. You can get it in  the Italian Consulate or Embassy in your Country, before coming, or, once in Italy,  at the Agenzia delle Entrate in Roma.


To avoid double taxation, in line with the International Convention, you should send the tax statement issued by the Tax Authority of the State in which you are resident. (The Convention states that the beneficiary pays taxes in the Country of residence; it also allows the State granting the payment to levy taxes thereon, but within well-defined limits. For the direct application of the Convention, the foreign fiscal authority’s certification contained in the form shall be valid for the tax period contained in the statement starting from the issuing date).


The MODULO INFORMATIVO is the document with all the Visiting Professor Information nedeed to finalize the contract (SENT BY THE HOSTING DEPARTMENT).
The Modulo Informativo and the related documents (Fiscal Code, Tax certification, Passport) will be sent back to the Department, by mail. The original documents will have to be submitted once in Italy.



At the end of didactic activity a final report, signed by the Visiting Professor, must be sent to the Head of the host Department.




Non EU citizens  needs a Self-Employment Visa.

To apply see:

As self-employment BUSINESS OWNER up to 90 days


  1. Visa application form;
  2. recent passport-style photo;
  3. Valid Passport (for at least three months after visa expiry date);
  4. Certification about work contract does not constitute subordinate employment;issued by the competent Labour Inspection Service of the Italian DPL (Provincial Labour Office),
  5. “Nulla Osta” (entry clearance) issued by the competent Italian Police Headquarters;
  6. Copy of the contract to be finalized;
  7. Document of accommodation suitability (hotel/residence booking, contract + scan of document in case you decide to live in a private flat).


Documents  4, 5, 6 will be sent by the Hosting Department.

Your contact professor will give you further details relating to 7.


You can get a short –term health insurance in order to cover the period of your staying in Italy. You may also subscribe a health insurance on the day of your arrival in Italy. It is not compulsory but it allows free assistance in case of emergency.