Secondary movements of asylum-seekers in the EU asylum system

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is committed – as Coordinator – on this issue in the Erasmus QUASER project “Transparent Qualifications for Boosting the Quality of Services Addressed to Asylum seekers and Refugees”, led by Prof. Andrea Volterrani. The project has just issued a comparative report on the various European systems, the report is […]

High-level conference on Migration Management

The European Union faces migration challenges of such magnitude that they question our ability to address them in a coordinated manner. These challenges will probably be one of the dominant themes of the 2019 European electoral campaign, as already experienced in national elections and referenda. We need to demonstrate strong and ambitious European leadership on […]

What can culture do for the social inclusion of migrants and refugees?

The meeting brought together projects funded by different programmes, Erasmus + and Creative Europe. These projects share similar challenges, problems and ambitions. What’s more, they share a conviction that it is possible to contribute to the social inclusion of marginal communities, migrants and refugees and help build a better mutual understanding of what diversity means […]

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