Call for Papers – 4th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication

The process of communication has evolved since the inception of devices that has accounted for ease in message transfer mitigating errors that occurred traditionally. Media is considered to be the most vital component as it deals with information which is required to be adequate and timely imparted. The MEDCOM ’18 is believed to serve as that platform for knowledge transferring in relevance to the future of Media and Mass Communication.

Conference Chair Dr.Andrea Volterrani
Researcher of Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes
Director of Master in Social Communication
Director of Master in Social Farming
University of Rome Tor Vergata

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Conference Tracks

Communication and Multi-Media Campaigns
Communication Policy and Regulation
Communication Technology and Digital Media
Communication Theory and Methodology
Contemporary Theatre and Performance
Film Studies
Mass Communication History
Public Relations
Radio, Television, and Entertainment Studies
Radio-TV Journalism
Social Media
Mass Communication, Society and Globalization
Media Audiences
Media, Climate Change and Environmental Studies
Media Education
Media Education Research
Media Ethics (Copyright and Intellectual Property)
Media, Information and Communication Literacy