Erasmus+ Programme – work plan 2018

As established under Article 18 of the Erasmus+ Programme, and in order to promote the international dimension of higher education, the Programme benefits from funding for in the different external instruments (Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), the Partnership Instrument for cooperation with third countries (PI) and the Instrument for Preaccession
Assistance (IPA). This funding is allocated to actions in respect of learning mobility to or from partner countries, and to cooperation and policy dialogue with authorities, institutions and organisations from those countries Moreover, the Programme also benefits from additional funding regarding the European Development Fund (EDF) as provided in the relevant legal and financing decisions foreseen by Council Regulation (EU) 2015/323 of 2 March 2015 on the financial regulation applicable to the 11th European Development Fund.

The total expenditure – including all types of appropriations foreseen under the 2018 work programme – amounts to EUR 2,705,876,916.

These available appropriations are distributed as follows:

  • appropriations from the budget of the Union (EU-28) under Heading 1: EUR 2,222,796,216
  • appropriations from the budget of the Union (EU-28) under Heading 4: EUR 216,452,673;
    appropriations from the European Development Fund (EDF): EUR 17,000,000;
  • appropriations arising from the participation of the EFTA/EEA countries: EUR 52,680,270 under Heading 1 and EUR 5,129,929 under Heading 4;
  • appropriations from external assigned revenues arising from the participation of other countries into the Programme (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Western Balkans):
    EUR 130,978,040 under Heading 1 and
    EUR 8,705,220 under Heading 4;
  • appropriations corresponding to internal assigned revenues from recoveries: EUR 52,134,568.