European Innovation Council – Expert evaluators

From autumn 2017, the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 will support innovation projects from innovators, researchers, corporates and SMEs active in any sector or technology as we look to support breakthrough innovations that have the potential to create new markets. We aim to identify companies and entrepreneurs with the potential and ambition to grow internationally, as part of a pilot European Innovation Council. Applications for EIC funding will need to be evaluated by experts in innovation. And the best SME applicants will be interviewed by a panel of expert evaluators.

Early application is encouraged as the first interview panels will be drawn up in October 2017.


How to register your interest

If you are interested in becoming an evaluator, please complete both of the following steps:

1. First, register as an expert at this website. Please fill in your data and when prompted, select keywords that match your expertise. Under the tab ‘Area of Expertise – Specialist fields’ please also select the keyword ‘market-creating innovation’.
2. Second, send an e-mail to, including your name and surname. It is helpful to mention your expert number from the website mentioned above (example: EX2017A123456).
All information relating to the working conditions of evaluators can be found here.