Italian “Paths and Trails”: reuse public buildings along cycling/walking trails

The Project
Cammini e Percorsi is the new network project of the Agenzia del Demanio, promoted by MIBACT and MIT. The project aims to upgrade, renovate and reuse public buildings located along cycling/walking trails and historical-religious itineraries.

The Objectives
The objective is to renovate and reuse buildings/properties as the ‘containers’ for genuine services and experiences, strongly rooted in the territory, for walkers, pilgrims and cyclists, in line with the philosophy of slow travel.

The Subjects
The initiative aims to involve operators and investors who are able to develop a tourism project having a high potential for local territories, using the public-private partnership stool, for the benefit of the entire community.

The tools
The properties will be placed on the market by public disclosure in two different procedures: Free concession and Concession for valorization. It’s online the first tender about 43 public buildings in free leasing for 9 years to companies, co-operations and associations that are mostly composed of under 40 year olds.

Struttura responsabile o stazione appaltante: Agenzia del Demanio Direzione Generale

Data pubblicazione gara: 24 luglio 2017

Termine per la presentazione delle offerte: 11 dicembre 2017 12:00

Criterio di aggiudicazione prescelto: offerta economicamente più vantaggiosa sulla scorta di elementi qualitativi oggetto della proposta progettuale

Call for tenders (ITA):

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