Altiero Spinelli Prize, to build trust in the EU’s capacity

The European integration project has for six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights, solidarity and free movement in Europe, and has been a world example in balancing prosperity and social welfare.
However, the European project is currently being challenged for what it does and also for what it is.
It is criticized and weakened, from within as well as from outside.
Much of the public discourse about Europe is currently framed by simplistic populist appeals to emotion and often by false information rather than evidence.
Public trust in the ideal of a European Union is low.
Action on many fronts is necessary to redress this “disenchantment” with the EU and to enhance the citizens’ understanding and ownership of the European project.
Public trust and participation need to be revived.
We need to bring the EU, its benefits and its achievements closer to the citizen.
We need to reconnect the European Union with its citizens, notably the youth, and to build trust in the EU’s capacity to hold the promise to a
better future in the making for all.

Deadline: 16/08/2017 for registering intention
to apply; 02/10/2017 for applications



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