High-level conference on Migration Management

The European Union faces migration challenges of such magnitude that they question our ability to address them in a coordinated manner. These challenges will probably be one of the dominant themes of the 2019 European electoral campaign, as already experienced in national elections and referenda. We need to demonstrate strong and ambitious European leadership on such a central concern for our citizens, and be ready to deliver a common, readable message on migration.
The European Parliament is committed to acting effectively upon the Rome Declaration, which prioritises “a Europe in which citizens are safe and can travel freely; a Europe with secure external borders and a responsible, sustainable migration policy that complies
with international standards; and a Europe that is determined to fight terrorism and organized crime”.
The European Parliament takes the lead in encouraging the other EU institutions and the Member States to implement this Declaration, and proposes a strategy for increased inter-institutional cooperation, with a working method including a timetable
and deadlines.

Interested parties can register at: http://www.axs2epww.europarl.europa.eu/axs2epww/conference/registration/form

Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20170530STO76311/parliament-to-host-conference-on-migration-management

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