Cooperation between Italy and the Kingdom of Sweden 2018 – 2020

During the period of validity of the Executive Programme on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Italian Republic and the Kingdom of Sweden for the years 2018-2020 (hereafter referred as to the “Executive Programme”), the two Parties may consider granting a year after year financial contribution, within the limits of the available financial resources, to significant bilateral research projects which will be part of the Executive Programme.
The contribution is intended as a co-funding of the project and therefore a significant funding participation by the proposing Institutions and/or other public/private Italian or Swedish Institutions is mandatory. The contribution will be awarded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research only to the selected Italian Institutions and by the Swedish Research Council only to the selected Swedish Institutions.

Project proposals must be submitted in the following priority research areas:
Technology and Research applied to Cultural Heritage;
New technologies for scientific instruments;
Clean energy, Intelligent factory, Cyber security;
Natural hazards;
Technology and Research applied to nanoscience;
Technology and Research applied to neuroscience;
Technology and Research applied to oncology.

deadline: 2017-07-20 – Local time: 12:00:00

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