Inducement prize: Tactile Displays for the Visually Impaired

People with visual impairment have serious difficulties in accessing digital information. This is a growing challenge as digital content becomes increasingly reliant on graphics which are particularly challenging to translate. Existing solutions are very costly and provide limited reading experience, usually in braille and not graphics. The objectives of this inducement prize are: to address this significant gap in the ICT market with a tactile graphical display that makes visually impaired people benefit from digital technologies and improves the quality of their lives especially in the area of education and navigation; and, to stimulate broader European efforts in developing solutions for this societal need.

The indicative budget for the prize is EUR 3.00 million from the 2019 budget.


Topic identifier: TactilePrize-01-2017
Publication date: 23 May 2017

Types of action: IPr Inducement Prize
Planned opening date:
17 April 2018
Deadline: 27 November 2018 17:00:00


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