Altiero Spinelli Prize, to build trust in the EU’s capacity

The European integration project has for six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights, solidarity and free movement in Europe, and has been a world example in balancing prosperity and social welfare. However, the European project is currently being challenged for what it does and also for what it […]


E’ aperta la call per partecipare alla China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week 2017 che si terrà in Cina dal 13 al 17 novembre, una settimana interamente dedicata alle attività di scambio in ambito scientifico e tecnologico tra gli operatori dei due Paesi, finalizzata a creare partenariati tecnologici, produttivi e commerciali nei contesti innovativi ricerca–impresa. […]

High-level conference on Migration Management

The European Union faces migration challenges of such magnitude that they question our ability to address them in a coordinated manner. These challenges will probably be one of the dominant themes of the 2019 European electoral campaign, as already experienced in national elections and referenda. We need to demonstrate strong and ambitious European leadership on […]